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Early mornings on the bike

On a beautiful morning in Jönköping, cyclists are usually heading east out of town to meet the sunshine above the city. To feel the heat. To the east are small roads that intersect between types of farms mixed with well-known slopes and possible future classics.

Distance: 54km km
Height difference: 614 height meters (3/5 job grade)
Substrate: 95% asphalt, 5% fine gravel. We recommend a bike with lightly rolled tires for the greatest enjoyment.

Ådalsvägen is a classic road that takes one out of Huskvarna, past Husqvarna's large industry and up through the Serpentine and Huskvarna Falls. Past Ebbe's power station, which previously provided energy for the paper mill in town. On the way up you turn around to see the city and Rosenlund's banks disappear behind you. But take it easy, about 45km you will return to Jönköping and the beautiful lake Vättern.


The first 19 km of this route we follow the same roads as Ironman 70.3, nice roads that early mornings can offer outstanding experiences. Early winter days the chance to see moose is very great!

On small paved roads, you reach Lekeryd where the Swedish Championship on a bicycle was arranged in 2019 and also do the coming years. The route is for a short time on the tempo track measuring 15.8km. The fastest time on the route is Tobias Ludvigsson with 18min 21sec, just under 52km / h on average. If you have time left, you can run the loop and compare yourself to the best in Sweden. In Lekeryd you can also stop and replenish with energy in one of the service stores.

If you want to fine-tune when you Rommelsjö Café out in the countryside after 35 km and can knock you down as royalty in the old lovely furniture. Here you have fun and enjoy the coolest prices. You are never far from the communities on this round without passing and Tenhult.

This is a lovely route for the early mornings, the icy winter days or the full gray evenings. A route that rarely leaves one disappointed.


At Lekeryd you can cut off the round and take the big bike path straight back to Huskvarna and then get just over 40km.