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Culture hall Spira

On November 11, 2011, the building was inaugurated, which became a landmark for Jönköping's city: Culture hall Spira. During the autumn and spring, the arena is filled with cultural events of many different genres with approximately 800 performances per year.

Spira is designed by Gert Wingårdh and Jonas Edblad from Wingårdh Architect's Office. The facade is colored in white and orange-red glass that wraps in a spiral shape around the building, this shape giving the building its name; Spira. Outside the building, facing the water, are several trumpets in sheet metal, called Sunflowers created by the artist Milo Lavén. Culture hall Spira is the country's first environmental culture house and has a consistent environmental profile. The house has four scenes with a public capacity of 1,700 people.

Every season Smålands Musik & Teater presents a varied selection of musical, music, theater and dance for children, young people and adults, in and outside Jönköping.

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