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City hikes

Sometimes you do not want to go that far to enjoy a wonderful hiking trip, which is one of the advantages of Jönköping as nature is just around the corner. Try walking around Munksjön, Rocksjön, Dunkehalla or Pustaleden.

Along the restaurant-dense Atollen, you can begin your close-to-state walk around Munksjön. The trail takes you through parts of urban areas but also through scenic surroundings. Along the trail there are two outdoor gyms and several places along the way to stop at and look out over the water. The trail is about 5 km long.

You will find Rocksjön only a stone's throw away from the inner city, here you can start your hike at Knektaparken and go counterclockwise or clockwise. The trail takes you through scenic areas and out on paved trails. Feel free to bring your camera! The trail is about 4 km long.

Just west of the town you will find Dunkehallaleden, an initially quite steep trail that follows the river up the hill. The trail continues through Dalviksparken and on to Klämmestorp where the Hallby trail connects. A scenic hike with nice views along the way. The trail is just over 1 km.

Pustaleden can be found centrally in Huskvarna. This hiking trail takes you to sights by the Huskvarna river and a number of culturally and historically valuable buildings such as Smedbyn, Husqvarna AB and Ebbes power station. The trail is 1.7 km.

Just south of Jönköping you will find Strömsbergsskogen which offers wonderful nature and nice hiking trails. The forest consists of several different circular loops in different lengths.

From Jönköping's southern districts Gräshagen and Tokarp, you can choose a steep path to the west. Then you enter into varied forests with spruce, old oaks, marshes and rippled streams with spring flows in the Vattenledningsområdet (Water Management Area). Here there are plenty of paths that lead you past alder marshes and over forest streams to clearings and field fortunes.