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Vattenledningsparken is adjacent to a highly located water reservoir previously used to pressurize water supply to Jönköping. The cliff is a short walk below the park itself. An accessible cliff in central Jönköping where you get started quickly climbing. In Vattenledningsparken you can enjoy a magnificent view of Jönköping and the water, and get something to eat at one of the park's barbecue areas.


Anmarch from below - Park next to the turnaround. Cross the cycle path towards the forest. Walk the ladder over the small bridge. Follow the ladder about 100m to get to the foot of the cliff. In the middle of summer it may be higher vegetation and a little more difficult to find the ladder into the forest.

Anmarch from above - Parking is available next to the park on the right side. Then follow the motorway back and immediately after the park ends, there is a step in the right. You are on the top of the cliff so be alert. A ladder is on the left to get down, but it is also possible to put on top anchor.


Near the cliff of Vattenledningsparken you will also find two boulder blocks. Read more at 27 Crags.

Facilities area

No facilities directly in connection to the cliff, but in the park there is a park bench and barbecue area. The park gives a nice view of Jönköping and it is worth a visit to the water reservoir.

Parking at the cliff

Below you will find two maps for parking above the cliff and below.

Parking above

Parking below

Here you will find coordinates for the cliff

Here you will find a description for the trails in the Water Management Park.