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Jönköping Theater

Enter a new world at an old theater stage. Genuine moments, drama and sweet music create lasting memories. This is a well-preserved treasure and the city's most alert 100-years-old. Welcome to Jönköping Theater!

Temporary theater performances occurred in Jönköping already in the 17th century. The earliest permanent theater venue in the city is from around 1770. In the same place where Jönköping Theater stands today, there was already a theater house of wood in 1825.

In the early 1900's the city architect August Atterström got the mission to draw a new theater house. According to the guidelines, the old wooden town would be replaced by a stone city. Adapting a new building to the old town square was difficult. Many protested against the theater, which was considered far too big to fit into the square with the lower 17th century buildings Hovrätten (The Court of Appeal) and Gamla Rådhuset (the Old Town Hall).

For a long time, August Atterström was the only educated architect in the county. He was well acquainted with the style of time and made many of Jönköping's most famous buildings.

In December 1904, the theater of Jönköping was opened with the performance "The Wedding at Ulvåsa". The theater was located in the southern part of the house and in the middle and north there was a restaurant, shops and residences. A few years later, the residences were converted into a hotel, the current Grand Hotel.

Jönköping Theater has 353 seats and there is an intimate feeling between those on stage and the audience. After a tough start Jönköping Theater, despite its 100 years of existence, is a well-preserved and highly appreciated treasure.