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The Water Reservoir area is southwest of Jönköping. There are three infiltration ponds with fountains here dating back to 1865. The fountains spray water year-round, thanks to natural pressure from ground water. In this varied area for country walks, there is a great deal to explore, including steep hills, brooks, spring flows, many paths and protected spruce forest.

Water Reservoir Park with the Åsen pond was Jönköping’s first waterworks. The Åsen Works supplied Jönköping residents with drinking water from 1864 until 1958. Before this, water was obtained from Lake Vättern, but this practice had to be abandoned when the railway was built. At the turn of the previous century, Water Reservoir Park was a highly regarded tourist destination, with beautiful views, bubbling fountains and charming surroundings. The area is of national interest as a historical heritage site and is intrinsic to the development process of a modern city as it emerged in the 19th century.

The Åsen Works was retired from operation in 1958. Twenty years later the ponds had become dilapidated and the park was overgrown, which caught the attention of the public and the local history association. It was then decided to rejuvenate the area as a nature and recreational park. Just in time for Jönköping’s 700th anniversary, the paths were clear, the fountains functional and the view restored. This is how Water Reservoir Park and its picturesque surroundings again became a coveted destination.