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Relaxing and feeling the adrenaline

Everything is silent except the sound of my breath, my heart is beating faster. One step at a time, don’t lose the grip, focus. This is it, this is the moment.

Adrenaline, staying focused and overcoming obstacles, that’s what climbing means to Christopher Lobsien. For 15 years he stayed active as a climber.

– Climbing is a way for me to escape my everyday life and feel peace. It brings me new energy and has become a big part of my life. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get while climbing a wall, it is something you have to experience yourself.

We find Christopher ready to start of todays climbing practice, with bulks and safety lines. He is one of the leaders at Jönköping climbing club (Jönköpings klätterklubb) and educate new climbers about safety. He has great experience within indoor climbing, but his biggest passion is outdoor.

– It all started with a slight interest for climbing and participating in a course. And from there on out I was hooked. I felt an urge of developing more and found a lot of excitement in the sport.

More than just climbing

Outdoor climbing is exciting, challenging and technically demanding. It’s not just climbing up a wall.

– More often you make it a day. You bring some nice food, pick out a good place where you can walk through exhilarating nature and bring someone close to you. Why not have a sleep over in a tent by a lake and just enjoy a sky full of stars. All of this is what makes climbing so great. You make it into something more.

”An indescribable feeling”

Safety is very important while climbing, especially outdoor. Despite a lot of safety gear, there are risks.

– There are always risks when climbing a wall, but that’s what makes it so exciting! The feeling you get when ascending the wall is indescribable, you feel invincible. The level of difficulty is not always what matters, the feeling of being in full control and managing something that is really tough, that’s what really means something.

Christophers children also like climbing.

– I have four children, and I like to share my interests. They all think climbing is fun, but my youngest one likes it the most. She is so fearless and wild. I definitely think she will start climbing when she is older.

– The climbing organization is very open, encouraging and support each other. Its team play but also individual, where our goal is to see development. I encourage everyone to try climbing and experience the things I experience. Try something new, something that might be scary, but that you may actually like!