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Climbing indoor

Adrenaline, versatile practice and focus. There are many reasons for climbing indoors. In Jönköping you will find Jönköpings Klätterklubb that engages climbers in all ages, beginners as well as more experienced.

At “Racketcentrum” you will find Jönköping climbing club (Jönköpings Klätterklubb), an oasis of climbing and energy. Here you can be challenged, developed and having fun.

– There are many benefits of climbing indoors, it is easily accessible, you can train all year round and you can hone your technique, says Christopher Lobsien, one of the coaches at the club.

Good exercise for both body and brain

Inside the climbing hall at “Racketcentrum” there are many different types of trails where you can climb different difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced. There are both ten meters high walls and a special area with lower walls for so-called bouldering where you climb without rope. Climbing a trail means that you follow a path up the cliff wall. The start of the trail is marked with tape, where the color of the tape says the difficulty of the trail, and all grips along the track have the same color. Sometimes it goes upwards, sometimes sideways. There are various exercises you can do to improve your technique with foot placement, movement and balance. One example is climbing blindfolded.

Different groups

At Jönköping's climbing club there are many training groups for children and young people, development groups for those who want to invest a little more and a training group for adults. You also offer hands-on opportunities at least once a month or for closed company by agreement. During those occasions, anyone who wants to test climbing can get the chance under the guidance of experienced instructors and equipment that you can borrow from the club. Even club nights, when members meet to climb, is a standing feature.

Jönköping climbing club also organizes courses regularly. Everyone who climbs needs training in how to secure the one who climbs, and an awareness of the risks that exist. During the trial, it is instructors who secure, but for all other climbing you need to have a course for green or red card.

Historically, Jönköping has had prominent climbers like Göran Kropp and Renata Chlumska, but the club wants to develop the climb in Jönköping even more. Together with the municipality of Jönköping, climbing outdoors on selected cliffs will be developed. There is a great interest to start climbing and the number of members has increased steadily in recent years.

Here you will find a glossary word list for more information.