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South of Jönköping is the mine of Taberg and Sweden's only museum about bats. Here is a small exhibition about bats, where you can see pictures of different bat species and learn about our Swedish species. The children can try bat suits and crawl into a small mine. They can listen to bat sounds and hug the bat doll Frans. The museum is open during the summer months in connection with the views of the mine.

The mine of Taberg can be visited from early May to mid-October. You have the greatest chance of seeing the bats fly around in the mine at the beginning and end of the season. In the middle of the summer they usually move and settle in house walls and on winds. It is possible to order guided tours of the mine.

About the bat

Bats are one of the world's oldest mammal groups. In total there are 1,250 bat species. 19 species are found in Sweden and six species in Taberg. Between November and April, it is full of bats in the mines. Then the bats sleep through the winter. They save energy by lowering body temperature and brain activity.

Many believe that bats attack people and are dangerous when they are really harmless and useful insect eaters. You therefore never have to worry that they will damage houses, furniture or food. The bats instead make great use of eating insect pests in our gardens. A single bat can catch up to 7,000 mosquitoes in one night.

All bats in Sweden are protected by law. This means that it is forbidden to intentionally disturb, move, catch or kill bats. You may not destroy their settlements.