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Experience both nature and culture at Tabergs-å-leden that is close to the population centre. The 18 kilometres long hiking trail is between Månsarps station and Jordbron next to Munksjön in Jönköping. You can choose between either hiking the entire trail or parts of it. It is close both to public transports and settlements.

Tabergs-å-leden goes through leafy forests and gurgling water. You will follow winding trails and see the remains of the birth of the industry. It is easy to find the trail as it is marked in green at poles and trees. The trail has a vertical drop from Vederydssjön to Munksjön of 143 meters. If you are in the mood for a barbeque, there is a grill next to Gruvgården which is at the foot of Taberg. From here, you can also take a detour to Taberg’s peak and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The creek’s rich heritage in terms of industrial history is reflected through the ponds that are still left in Tabergsån. These ponds link to the cultural history that is present in the region and it has its roots in the mills of the middle ages. A link to the regions cultural history can also be found in the railroad settlements of the 17th century and the powerful extensions of power stations that were made for the industrial settlements of the beginning of the 20th century. Today, there are twelve ponds/waterfalls with water mirrors from the Masugn pond down to the Kvarn pond next to Hovslätt’s local community centre.

Along the trail, there are signs with information about the ponds and what has been produced along the creek. Resting places and other facilities are marked out on the map that you find on