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Guided tour in the Taberg mine

It's dark and cold, so helmet and flashlight are needed. Because of the corona it is good if you bring your own lamp, the phone is enough, and your own bicycle helmet, so we fool the virus. This year, fewer visitors are also being taken into the mine, so come on time.

The story about the mountain that would become a hole in the hill but was saved by the energy crisis of the 70s is telled here. General tours that do not need to be pre-booked at 2pm and 4pm Tuesday - Sunday. The guides start at the time so arrive well in advance so you can visit the Fladdermuseet and geology room as well. Heavy shoes and warm sweater are recommended, there are only a few degrees plus inside the mountain. Park at Taberg station. There is a single parking spot near Gruvgården, at the bridge over the river for those in need. Should there be a large number of visitors, an extra display is run. There is a municipal toilet adjacent to the mountain.