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Tour of Tabergsdalen

The valley of Taberg has throughout history been important to the region because of its iron industries and iron-stone mining. This cycling route brings you to the peak of the Taberg Mountain where you will climb through both open landscapes as well as by industrial history alongside the river of Taberg.

The route is mostly flat cycling, stretching about 30k, but the climb to the peak of Taberg (343 meters above sea level) is of course somewhat of a challenge. Used for the advanced cyclist in the area to practice their endurance. At the top you can have a nice coffee stop with a splendid and vast view.

From the city of Jönköping you immediately get the feeling of Swedish countryside in Bårarp and going downhill you reach Hovslätt. From here there is a slow climb upwards and soon you reach Lake Åsa. You will see the peak of Taberg in the horizon and after 15k the tough climb to the top starts. Reaching Tabergs topp you will have a splendid view and it is worth the hard work. Have a coffee and relax before heading downhill starting the journey back through the valley of Taberg, reaching Norrahammar cycling alongside the river of Taberg.

  • Peak of Taberg, (343 meters above sea level). Amazing view from the café over Jonkoping and the Valley of Taberg.

  • Taberg Mine mining history and guided tours into the deep.

  • By lake Åsasjön you are able to have a nice swim.

  • Konditori Rosetten, if you choose not to go uphill in Taberg stay down town and a nice café.

  • Chokladverkstan in Bårarp. Chocolate in the making.

Download the route here.