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Roads of Sävdabo

Getting out of the city centre of Jönköping on a road bike or mountainbike is easy. You will reach quiet roads and forest trails within minutes. Local road cyclist often head for Sanseryd to start with. This will open up opportunities for several bicycle routes leading southwest to an area with small roads framed with green forests.

The classic route of Sävdabo, a total distance of about 55 kilometers, start off through the valley of Bårarp, just south of the city centre. Reaching Hovslätt you will turn upwards, climbing the 2.4 kilometer long Hill of Sandseryd (Avg Grade 4,4%, Max Grade 19,1%) of course a local favourite. After the initial climb out of the city the roads are flatter without longer climbs. The forests opens up from time to time uncovering farms, fields and small villages.

Cycling along quiet, cosy roads gives you the opportunity to make both a time trial attempt or just pedal and enjoy the surroundings. Remember to put some snacks in your pockets since there is not to many opportunities to get a coffee or food in these parts of the region.

There is several options going in this direction from Jönköping. Find out more about Sävdaborundan or a longer cycling route of 100k heading for Bondstorp and Vaggeryd.