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The Lillåleden is an urban walking distance of 2.6 km that runs between the parking at Attarpsbadet and Vättern.

Lillåleden started to be built in the fall of 2018 at the request of associations and the general public. The hometown association and the Nature Conservation Association have been active in planning and made informational signs about nature and culture along the river.

Accessibility adapted

Between the parking area of Attarpsbadet and up to Kortebovägen, at the Fire Station, the trail is accessible, a distance of just over 1 km.

Between Kortebovägen and Furuvik the route goes along the river on gravel paths and blocks. Between Furuvik and Vättern, the trail on the northwest side of Lillån runs on existing paths and on sidewalks at Vidablick.

In the northern part, Lillåleden is marked with poles with neon green color. The trail will develop in the north and go closer to the river when the new treatment plant in Bankeryd is built.