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From Vidablick, the trail goes through Backamoskogen over Domneån and past Domneån's nature reserve. Then we go under road 195 and continue up towards the heights west of Bankeryd.

At Österlid, the climb up to Högamon begins, here you have a lovely view over Bankerydsdalen on the way up. After Mohemmet at the three-way crossroads, we join, for a while, the Bankerydsleden trail past the wind shelters and Kleinafallet where you have a beautiful view over Klerebodammen. Here you have the opportunity to grill or eat your packed lunch. At the wind shelters there is also a toilet and a trash can.

Several old croft markings are passed and the trail offers a nice view over parts of Bankeryd, feel free to bring your camera! After Högamon, the trail goes along the old water pipes that lead water from Klerebodammen to the power plant in Aledal. Then the trail turns back and the last bit goes along Attarpsdammen and then follows Lillåleden and Furuvikspåret back to Vidablick.

Length: 14 km

Trail marking: Red

Trail center, barbecue area and parking are available at KFUM Gården Vidablick. Distance markings are available along this trail.