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Visingsö museum

Old Braheskolan on Visingsö is a cultural building with a unique history. It was built in 1663 as a courthouse for Visingsö. Courthouse was a lavish building, unique in that it was built in stone, as most buildings at that time were built of wood. The time as the courthouse was short.

After reduction of Visingsborg counties in 1680 it lost its function as the courthouse. Instead it was used for the newly established high school adjacent to the higher secondary school which was established by Per Brahe already in 1636.

From 1656 it had its premises in the nearby Kumlaby church, which had been converted into a schoolhouse. The building is now a museum. The exhibition was built up in the spring of 1992 and shows Visingsös history with particular emphasis on county time and the building's history as a courthouse and school.