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The three-child family visits Visingsö

Just taking the ferry to Visingsö is an adventure in itself if you are 7.4 and 3 years old as my children are. The sun is shining and we take the ferry from Gränna harbor.The journey takes about 25 minutes and the kids enjoy watching the water and the other ferry that we meet.

Horse and carriage

When we get over to Visingsö, we go off the ferry and climb up the stairs to the Remmalagsarea. The Remmalag waits for you and it is just to jump on a wagon, we take the trip to Kumlabykyrka. My two girls think it's cozy with the horses while my oldest guy thinks it's more exciting to look at Visingsborg as we perceive in the periphery. Remmalaget goes on and we pass Wisingsborg Gardens, Kungsladugårdarna, Kumlaby Center and Visingsö Museum and then we stay at Kumlaby Church. We take the stairs up to the tower; hard thinks the 3 year old, scary thinks the 4.5 year old, but what a great view does the 7-year-old think when we get up. We jump back on the Remmalag and head south to the port where the trip ends. Horse and carriage

Garden and ruin

Once back in the harbor we take a turn to Wisingsborg's garden and look at the beautiful things they have there and we have some coffee in their cafe. We are running a little leap around Visingsborg castle ruin before it's time to have some lunch. We choose between the restaurants down the harbor or the small fish farm that is also located there.

Wisingsborgs trädgård

Visingsborgs slottsruin

Carousel and The Visingsö Train

Measured and satisfied, we then steer the steps towards Leklandet and their attractions, we buy a treadmill and the kids can´t get enough of the carousel, the hopper and the four-wheelers. In the middle of the playground is a miniature golf course that we also test, the little ones think it's a bit difficult while the seven-year-old loves to play, he did a spike and wants to try again. When we have played for a while, The Visingsö train comes and the children would love to go with it. We pay our tickets on Lekland and go with the train to the southend part Nääs. The journey takes about an hour and now the children get tired after a full day at Visingsö.

When we return to the harbor we see the ferry to Gränna and jump on it and head back to Gränna and mainland after a very fun day at Visingsö. The children fall asleep in their seats to the ferrises.

Färjan till Gränna