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According to legend, a giant named Vist created Visingsö island when he threw a tuft of grass into Lake Vättern so that his wife would have something to step onto. Today the tuft seethes with life just as it did a thousand years ago! On Visingsö you can enjoy historical remains, beautiful nature, art and much more!

Rent a bike

One of the best ways to experience Visingsö is from the seat of a bicycle. Rent a bike in the harbour area, and with a map handy, you can explore the beautiful island close to nature. Pick up a lunch basket in the fish shop and ride southward. Whiz through the oak forest and stop at up a lunch basket in the fish shop and ride southward. Whiz through the oak forest and stop at some of the charming farm shops.
Castle ruins and churches

Continue down to the castle ruins in Näs to eat the lunch you brought along and enjoy the view and the historical setting. Pedal farther northward and check in at some accommodations. On Visingsö there is everything from private rooms to hotels. Wake up rested and continue your travel on the island after breakfast. You might want to climb the tower of Kumlaby Church, visit Tempelgården or go for a dip in the invigorating waters of Lake Vättern.

Remmalag- a peaceful tour accompanied by the clatter of hooves

On Visingsö you also can go on a sightseeing tour by remmalag, the island’s popular horse-drawn conveyances that for more than 100 years have given visitors a lift around the beautiful island. The journey proceeds at a leisurely pace, and you can enjoy both scents and nature experiences. Settle down on the remmalag and take pleasure in the sound of clattering hooves and the scents of Visingsö. The journey proceeds at a leisurely pace, and the driver guides you during the course of the trip. From the harbour, you can go on a tour that lasts slightly more than an hour and takes you through the oak forest up to Kumlaby Church. Among other things, you will pass the castle ruins of Visingsborg, Brahe Church, the island’s “centre” and an Iron Age burial ground. With advance booking, you can ride to Persgården or down to the southern headland and the ruins of Sweden’s first royal castle, Visingsöborgen in Näs.
Facts: Remmalag originated at the end of the 19th century, when steamboat companies began conducting pleasure trips to Visingsö. From the beginning, open-sided wagons were used to transport visitors on the island. Rem = lath, la = platform. From this came the name remmala(g)