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The garden of Wisingsborg

Visingsborgs Garden (Trädgård) is located in the same place it has been for decades, but the old herb garden has been updated to the present day and now it is called Wisingsborgs Trädgård. You can enjoy a delightful garden here and feel the pulse of history.

The garden has everything from herbs and medicinal plants to brightly coloured decorative flowers and fruit trees. A visit to Wisingsborgs Trädgård provides enjoyment for all senses. Smell the fragrances, look at the colours and enjoy! The garden is in the same place as one of Visingborg Castle’s five gardens, and Count Per Brahe the Younger’s presence in the garden is distinct. The yellow flag fluttering in the wind is decorated with the Brahe dynasty’s coat of arms. The entrance cottage was built using hand-hewn timber from the old Brahe estate, Lyckås, and the weathervane on the roof is a copy of the one at Bogesund Castle in Uppland, where Per Brahe died in 1680.

There is also a

  • Farm shop

  • Café

Admission is free.