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For the art-intrigued, a delightful place of enjoyment created by the visionary artist Olle Krantz. Take note of his art displayed in the permanent exhibition in the impressive temple building or stroll in the park among statues and other odd buildings.

The temple courtyard is entirely of one man's creation. Visingsö artist Olle Krantz (1906-1999), fulfilled his lifelong dream of creating an artist's garden for everyone to enjoy.

It took him many years of hard work and the result is a place unlike any other. Wonderful old, and well cared for houses in all forms, the art gallery called "The temple" from 1913, sculptures in the beautiful park, oil paintings, orchards, etc.

In a unique environment we offer you art in many forms, residents of the picturesque cottages, delightful dining, banquet and wedding arrangements, wonderful facilities for all kinds of meetings, tours, your own shop with unique items, a playground for the children, employment for the whole family and much, much more.