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Russian prisoners

When we today arrive to Visingsö on a sunny summer day when Vättern looks most beautiful it’s hard to imagine that once upon a time Sweden kept their Russian prisoners from the war under 1700’s here.

Visingsö - Swedens largest prison for the war.

Under the nordic war Sweden took a lot of people from other countries (under the war) as prisoners. Many of these were taken to Visingsö. The prisoners was from Russia, Denmark, Poland, England and Holland.. but the Russians took the price of most people.

Sickness and starving.

It did not look good at the prison at Visingsborgs castle. Many diseases where spread and a lot of the prisoners started to die. If they didn't die from being infected they probably died from starving to death. A lot of prisoners started trying to escape and get food at Gränna or even Jönköping.

Russian cemetery

Most of the prisoners had their last days at Visingsö. Many of them died by starving or diseases that went around. So later on people thought it was more than right to let them have a cemetery at the Island. Today we think is more than 200 Russian people buried there, and it is not a good thought to go there by night

Big Nordic war

The big Nordic war was a war that happened between year 1700 - 1721 in northern, central and eastern Europe. The war happened under many years and cost Sweden a lot of money. Because of the wars end Sweden had no longer the power over the Baltic Sea.