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Erstad kärr

Erstad marsh is a unique locale for migratory birds. The marsh, which is both a nature reserve and Natura 2000 area, is located by the Erstadsviken inlet in the northern part of Visingsö and is the only one of its kind by the southern shores of Lake Vättern.

Most of Sweden’s waterfowl and shorebirds have been observed at Erstad marsh, but you can also see Arctic waders such as sanderlings, curlew sandpipers and red knots during migration. Other species nesting here include shelducks, moorhens, Eurasian oystercatchers, redshanks, lesser ringed plovers, blue-headed wagtails, peewits and in some years horned grebes.

In addition, there is a large colony of black-headed gulls in the fen. The vigilant black-headed gulls provide protection for the other bird species by vitriolic attacks against birds of prey and other fen intruders.

From the bird observation tower that has been erected on the north side, you can get an excellent view of the marsh and one of the area’s best places for bird-watching.