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The alpacas at Visingsö

In the southern part of Visingsö in an enclosed walks Visingsö latest tourist attraction, the alpacas. These lazy, nice animals will you be able to see, participate in the alpaca safari or just go for a walk with.

Alpacas are camelids and are available in two types; Suri and Huacaya. The difference between them is that Suri gets wool similar to Dreadlocks and Huacyan gets fine wool. They come in the colors white, black and different shades of gray or brown. Adult alpaca grows about 1 m in height and lives for about 20 years.

Why Alpacas on Visingsö?

The owners think it's an important part of being able to marketing Visingsö. Alpacas are also very nice animals, even if they spits like a camel. They are soft but do not like to be touched. They also draw attention since they are quite unusual in Sweden. In Europe there are about 30,000 alpacas and only 2000 of them lives in Sweden. Alpacas have an abundant sound and when you visit them on Visingsö, you can listen to their humming, it almost sounds like a man who speaks with his hand to his mouth.

Use the wool

The owners of the Alpacas at Visingsö will also sell their wool and products made of it. The wool grows 15 cm per year and needs to be cut periodically. Clipping and spinning is not done on Visingsö, it has rented away to those who can.