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The alpacas at Visingsö

In the middle of Visingsö you will find the cute animals Alpacas. You will be able to see these hairy, kind animals, take part in an alpaca safari or just sit down and have coffee in the pasture with them

Alpacas are a camel and comes in two types; Suri and Huacaya. The difference between them is that Suri gets wool that is similar to Dreadlocks and Huacyan gets finer wool. They can have the colors white, black and different shades of gray or brown. Adult alpacas grow to about 1 m in height and live for about 20 years.

Facts about alpacas

Alpacas are very kind animals even though they can spit like a camel. They are hairy but do not like to be petted and they also attract attention as they are quite unusual in Sweden. In Europe there are about 30,000 alpacas and only 2,000 of them live in Sweden. Alpacas have a rich sound and when you visit them on Visingsö you get to listen to their humming sound, it sounds almost like a human talking with his hand to his mouth. The animals used to be on the southern island, but when they were to be sold, Gladhytt was there and bought some and today there are four alpacas here at the farm


The farm

Adjacent to the Alpacas, there is also a small farm shop where you can buy alpaca yarn, alpaca socks, gloves and more. There are also products from about 30 different manufacturers, all operating on Visinsgö. There is also a small eco-cafe and a nice playground for the children.