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MTB in Tenuhlt

East of Jönköping you will find the MTB track in Tenhult. A 10 kilometer course with fast slopes and nice views.

The track in Tenhult suits both the beginner and the experienced cyclist. Here you get great flow and can reach high speeds of up to 50-60 km / h. For the slightly more experienced cyclists, you can choose to test the most technical part of the track that is approximately in the middle with an extra steep climb, if you prefer to take an easier path, there is the opportunity to turn off on another track. After the toughest part of the course, you come to a nice vantage point where you can take the opportunity to take a fluid break.

The track is a suitable training session for you who like MTB, the experienced biker can get through the track in about 30 minutes but 40-50 minutes is a good pace on the track. A fully damped bike is preferable because there are a lot of roots and some rocks and mountains along the track, but a regular hardtail also works well.

The track is adjacent to the electric light track where many are often out and about, so pay attention in the slopes.

If you want to end the day with a coffee break, Rommelsjö café is only a couple of kilometers away from the track. Here is a stately stand with home-baked pastries.