Eskilstorps ormgran

In Eskilstorp, four miles south of Lekeryd, is one of the few stocks of spruces. The spruces (Picea abies 'Virgata') has a peculiar appearance with fewer and often longer arms than normal trees.

Isolated spruces are spread throughout, but it is unusual for entire populations. In addition to the ones in Eskilstorp, there may just be six additional seats in the country. In Eskilstorp there are hundreds of spruces. The oldest tree is about 150 years and according to locals it is the parent tree for the stock.

History tells us that a soldier, Esk, brought a plant from Russia when he returned from the Swedish-Russian war in the early 1800s. Although the story of the soldier is doubtful and the spruces emergence uncertain, it is important that they are being preserved for the future.