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Blooming picnic spots along lake Vättern

Packing a picnic basket, taking your friends and going out in the wild is the best there is. Then adding a bike, beautiful views, laughter, a little heartbeat and sunshine makes it all even better. We can guarantee that within miles of central Jönköping there are plenty of beautiful places to discover along the lake Vättern. Here are some of our best tips on more or less explored pearls, right on the beach. Our tours start at Piren in central Jönköping.

Jönköping offers a fantastic cycle path right along the shores of Lake Vättern. It can be followed towards Bankeryd on the west side, or towards Huskvarna a little east of the city. On a quiet day, this road is magnificent. We almost want to say that it is one of Sweden's most beautiful cycle paths. At the pier in central Jönköping, our picnic adventures begin. You choose yourself, east out, or west out. Come along!

East - "Sea" - beaches - banks and lakes

Not many hundreds of meters east from our starting point begins Vätterstranden, Jönköping's Riviera. It offers a fine-grained, kilometer-long sandy beach with countless opportunities to find your favorite place for a picnic. Settling down here means magnificent views with a sea feeling, the opportunity for a bright red sunset, and for the daring, the opportunity for a dip in Lake Vättern.

Rosenlunds bankar
If we continue a few more kilometers east out of Jönköping's center and the pier, we come to Rosenlund's banks, a spectacular nature reserve. Rosenlund's banks are erosion slopes, created by the ice sheet, and here the landscape plunges into Lake Vättern. Unusual birds nest here and there are many beautiful viewpoints and unusual species. Suitable for those who are not really keen on swimming, but still want to go out in flamboyant surroundings.

Small picturesque beach, hidden in lush greenery. The same fantastic views as Vätterstranden, but of a more private nature.

Väster - Bankeryd Dreaming
If we choose to roll the bike west, we can follow the shoreline for a while. Take the opportunity to look at the cute boatman's cabins along the way. Pretty soon we are in leafy surroundings with countless small beaches, cliffs and open spaces. Here, nature is presented as a buffet, with clearings, sea glimpses and exciting opportunities to open the coffee thermos, or why not the bubble.

Tjuvanabben is a protruding cliff with bare slabs just north of Berghalla. Here the water is crystal clear and the view over Lake Vättern is fantastic. A hidden gem, easy to discover by bike if you stay on the old coastal road that stretches between Jönköping and Domsand.

Sjöåkra and Vidablick
Right after each other we find the small beaches Sjöåkra and Vidablick. Both are at a convenient distance from Jönköping and offer magnificent nature, lake views and greenery. At Vidablick, the mouth of Lillån also gilds and blocks the feeling of being far from the city, in the middle of nature.

About 10 kilometers north of Jönköping, we arrive at Domsand, a sandy beach and marina where it is perfect to stop. Here, through the marsh landscape, the Domneån also flows out, straight through the Domneån nature reserve. If you want, you can walk or cycle across the footbridge and experience the area's peculiar nature up close.