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Pickleball in Jönköping

Pickleball is a relatively new but fast-growing sport in Sweden that can be compared to a mixture of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Here you will find information about the sport and where you can play pickleball in Jönköping.

You play singel or double with a rack that resembles a beach tennis racket and a ball that resembles a floorball ball. The dimensions and design of the court are taken from badminton, but the rules are similar to those in tennis. The sport was invented as early as the 1960s in the USA and has in recent years landed in Sweden.

Play pickleball

In Jönköping, there is so far only one association that organizes pickleball and that is Korpen in Jönköping. Read more about their current training here. If you are new to pickleball and need to read the rules, you will find Pickleball Sweden's compilation of rules here.