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Ode to Gravel

A closed railway. An exercise track. A felling route. A very ordinary dirt road. All of them give endless joy to all those who have embraced the currently hottest trend in the cycling world - dirt road cycling.

Distance: 78 km
Height difference: 693 height meters (3.5 / 5 job grade)
Surface: 70% dirt road, 30% asphalt. We recommend a bike with tires suitable for dirt road for the greatest enjoyment.

The gravel road network is a treasure that has largely been unused and unloved for many years. Recently, they have begun to be rediscovered, both by road cyclists who seek traffic and mountain bikers who seek more light-cycled alternatives to the trails for longer trips, but still want to stay close to nature. Småland sits on an incredible bicycle access out in the forests, completely free and accessible for everyone to use immediately. A matter of course for us who live here, a luxury for someone who comes from outside.


Stupid bog, an oasis outside the city that is filled by nature lovers and picnic lovers on fine days, is one of the first highlights of this trip to the southwest. We get there with the help of the old railway embankment which previously took people by train to Ulricehamn. Nowadays it is mostly used by hikers, horses and cyclists, and we already reach it two and a half kilometers away from our start at the Pier.

dumme mosse

Shortly after Månsarp, at 36.5 km, you are recommended to take a detour down to Vederydssjön's beach for a short break. Since we are far out in the woods, you have to bring your own food, so a little extra energy in the back pocket and a thermos in the bottle rack is a hot tip for achieving nirvana on this route.

The contrast then becomes enormous when in 20 seconds you change dirt roads in the forest to find yourself on Torsvik's industrial area with IKEA and the Elgiganten's huge distribution centers, but it is also the contrasts that we think make the days extra special. The route ends down the iconic hill from Skinnersdal through Strömsberg's nature reserve. A hill that every year in August at the event 13 Hills causes the lungs of many to be turned out and into the chest when 300 cyclists drive the other way. Suddenly you stand with your feet (or wheels?) In the residential area of Ljungarum and with the slightest tramp can roll the last bit into the center.


It's bad about these along the route, so bring your own energy. Instead, plan a wonderful stop at some place inside town to talk about your experience.


In Månsarp, after 35 km, the round can be shortened by taking the road through Tabergsdalen home, which gives a total of about 60 km.