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10,000 meters in height in Sweden's most mythical cycling slope, is it even possible?

When it comes to bicycle slopes, Sweden is usually smooth, with the exception of Jönköping's surroundings. In Huskvarna you will find the most classic of all, Norra Klevaliden. When the stage race PostGirot Open passed during the 80s and 90s, the cyclists had to climb the slope no less than five times, which was a respectable challenge even for the mountain-accustomed professionals.

The hill leads up to IKHP:s clubhouse, so there is no shortage of sports and cycling history in addition to PostGirot in the surroundings. Not least, the European Mountain Bike Championships were held here in 2016.

The road is really steep almost all the way and slopes up to 20% in places, but the view when you get up to the IKHP cottage makes it worthwhile every day of the week. Once up, you can turn right towards Egna Hem and then roll down Ådalsvägen to the foot of the hill, and thus create a nice lap.

For most people, it is enough to cycle up the hill once, but the gang behind the cycling company Abloc wants to inspire to dare to test more than that and created Klevarest - a cross between Klevaliden and Everest, quite simply. The challenge is to cycle no less than 67 laps on the track described above in a maximum of 24 hours, and thereby collect as much as 10,000 altitude meters in Norra Klevaliden.

Eric Sjögren was the first to take on the challenge. At dawn on May 30, he set off, knowing that he had just over 400 km and almost a day's trampling in front of him.

"To be honest, I thought I might be able to do 6-7 times," says Eric, "after that it was all a bonus." It turned out, however, that he grossly underestimated his own ability, for lap after lap was felled at a more or less constant pace. But when the sun went down over Lake Vättern and the darkness penetrated, the last energy also disappeared, and with two minutes left until midnight, Eric got off the bike after collecting 9108 altitude meters.

"Sure, if you have gone that far, you might think that I should have managed a couple more laps, but it was really a complete stop. I needed sleep and a packet of butter, ”laughs Eric.

To whiz down Ådalsvägen and watch the sun go down over Lake Vättern is cycling magic

During the day, many people came and cycled a couple of laps with Eric or cheered along the way. “It was wonderful to feel that I managed to engage people to ride their own bikes, and without so much

I had never been able to support that far, ”he says. And even though he did not make it all the way up to the top of the 10,000 meter high mountain, neither he nor Abloc see it as a failure.

"As long as you have tried and had fun on the road, you have succeeded in some sense, that is what matters. Now I hand over the challenge to someone else to give in, because I am convinced that it is possible ", Eric concludes. So, now it's your turn to try. What are you waiting for?