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Huskvarna hills

Huskvarna hills are located in the area known as East Vätterviksbadet cliffs, a unique area that stretches from Tenhult in the south up to Omberg in Östergötland in the north.

It occupies a 3.5 km stretch of the cliff close to the lake and high plateau to the east, where the highest parts is above 300 meters above sea level. The reserve is mainly formed of the geological and botanical settings, but outdoor activities are also avaible. The vegetation contains a series of unusual and rare plants, particularly in the slopes and stream valleys. Within the reserve area are a large number of walking trails and jogging tracks. In the mountains there are a lot of land, mainly on farms Vassarp, Stibbarp, Läxarp and Smedstorp. The open areas increase the diversity of the landscape and makes it appealing. They also contain a lot of biological values.