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Grill in nature

There are plenty of barbecue spots in Jönköping. Most can be found along the hiking trails or at the bathing spots in the municipality.

Sometimes the weather is not great, but you can still have a barbecues under a roof in Stadsparken and at Taberg's mine. At John Bauer's park, Smedbyparken and Vattenledningsparken, among others, there are tables with roofs and barbecue areas right nearby.

At IKHP, there are more barbecue spots, some with wind protection and some without wind protection but with tables and many of them with a nice view. Grännaberget also offers several barbecue spots with a view. At Öxnegården on Öxnehaga and around Bondberget, there is also barbecue spots with a nice view.

At you can find a map of all barbecue spots

When you plan to fire out in nature, you have to be especially careful. You must first of all know if it is allowed to light a fire, that there is no fire ban. Grilling with charcoal on prepared barbecue areas is permitted even if there is a fire ban. You are still responsible for ensuring that the fire does not spread. Extinguish the fire thoroughly with water, dig up the ground under the ashes so that no embers are left when leaving the place.