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Disc Golf/Frisbee Golf

Disc golf, also referred to as frisbee golf, is a sport where you throw a disc with the goal to finish the course with as few throws as possible. The length and level of the courses varies, however, they usually consist of 9 or 18 targets. The sport suits both beginners and advanced players.

Below you can find a list of several courses available in Jönköping and the nearby area. Many of the courses are free of charge.

Knektaparkens Frisbee Golf Course

Located by the beautiful lake Rocksjön, you will find a 9 and an 18 target course with the starting points in Knektaparken. The longer course will then take you through John Bauer-parken to Kålgårdsparken. Suited for beginners and advanced players. John Bauer Frisbee golf club is responsible for the course.

A6 Disc Golf Park

Close to Asecs, John Bauer Frisbee golf club has a course of 18 targets. Some parts of the course are still under construction, and there are plans of building a shorter course as well.

Habo Frisbee

The course, which consists of 18 targets and 27 tee areas, is located in a beautiful oak forest. Just as suitable for beginners as advanced players. For more information and a course description, please visit Habo Frisbee’s website.

Åsabadets Frisbee Golf Course

A course with 9 targets ¬that suits the beginner perfectly. Located by Åsabadet in Taberg and takes you through a beautiful pine forest.

Jöransbergs Frisbee Golf Course

Jöransbergs village community has built a course with 9 targets on Jöransäng, next to Lönnvägens playground in Huskvarna. For a course map, visit their web page.

Barnarps Discgolf

By Barnarps IP you can find this short 9 target course that suits all ages and levels. Next to the course you can also find a barbecue site with rain cover.


In Vidablick, a course has been build around the camp area of KFUM with 9 targets in total. Contact KFUM for more information about the course.


In Österängen you can find this lovely 9 target course, placed in a park near Österängen centrum and Österängsskolan. In the park there is also a playground and you can park your car right next to the park.


Here there is a short course in a lovely park where you can catch a sight of lake Vättern between the houses. The course is right opposite to Öxnehaga centrum.


By the school of Ljungarum there are five targets around the gravel field, though there are not any marked tee areas.


Värnamo Frisbee disc Club is Sweden’s oldest club for individual frisbee sport. They have both an 18 target course and a newly opened, professional course with 9 targets that is also open for the public. You can find more information on their website.


In a hilly forest area you will find Eksjö Frisbee golf course with 18 targets that fits both the beginner and the more advanced player. The course is close to Eksjö Camping where you during the summertime can rent frisbees, during fall and spring you can rent frisbees at Intersport instead. More information to be found at their website.


By Östanå recreational area in Vetlanda you can find this 18 target course that is well taken care of. By the first tee there is an information board and discs can be rented or bought in the golf shop at Vetlanda GK. Greenfee costs 20 krones but children, students and seniors play for free. You can find more information at or in their Facebook group.


Discgolf Nässjö has together with Nässjö Municipality built a disc golf course in the recreational area Lövhult, just outside of Nässjö. The course is 18 targets and discs can be rented in Motionsgården for 25 krones per disc and day. For more information, visit their website.