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Cycling south

A well composed route containing gravel roads passing through forests, by small lakes and great coffee stops. Gravel bikes are more popular than ever, to get off the main roads will give a great feeling of being in the middle of nature.

This route brings you out of the city centre of Jönköping by climbing to the top of Skinnersdal. A great view awaits you with Lake Vättern below. From here you will continue to Hok, passing Tenhult, on longer stretches of gravel roads. Passing the unique nature reserve at Lake Lyngemad and Lake Hok is just magnificent.

In Hok, about 40k into the route, there will be several options getting coffee or lunch depending on the season (more options during summer time). Hooks Golf club and Spa have great food and also serve breakfast and coffee. If you make a smaller detour you will also find Leva Cafe & Hemma, definitely worth some extra pedaling.

Heading back for Jönköping you will stay on gravel roads close to Lake Fängen and actually going on a small passage between two lakes on a small bridge. It is hard not to stop and have a moment of silence. On the way back you pass Taberg and Norrahammar before reaching the city center of Jönköping once more.

Find this very Swedish gravel cycling route and more information at Cycling Jönköping.