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Visingsö around

Historical Visingsö offers a slightly undulating farmland, surrounded by monuments and attractions. Cycling on Visingsö is a great way to enjoy the island, here you will find experiences for everyone in the family.

Vättern's largest island is 14 km long and 3 km wide at its widest point, find the places that wrote Swedish history, cozy restaurants and shady oak forest.

The ferry from Gränna to Visingsö goes regularly, several times a day, all year round. If you want to ride a bike at the island, you can take the bike with you or rent one on site. There are offered tandem bicycles, bicycle carts, family bikes and of course standard bikes for rent. Just choose what suits you best, but keep in mind that it can be a good idea to pre-book, as it is very popular to bike on Visingsö.

An obvious advantage and the reason why so many people choose to travel by bicycle when they aim to explore the island is that the roads are flat and thus, very bicycle-friendly. At the bike saddle you can experience the environment and make stops along the way, perhaps you pass the horse-drawn carriages on your way to the unique church tower of the Kumlaby church or experience the dense Ekskogen, which is one of Sweden's largest. The forest was originally planted for the Swedish Navy but has today become a fantastic nature experience.

Visingsö is not only filled with historical landmarks, you will also cycle through a lively countryside with grazing cows and horses as well as cozy farm shops with locally produced products. Buy something to bring home with you, or let the bike stand while having a cup of coffee and cheesecake, and inhale the island's peaceful atmosphere. When cycling on Visingsö you should bring swimwear, because there will be lots of opportunities for a cool dip in Vättern on one of the island's various swimming possibilities. If Vättern should feel a bit too cold, the Kumlaby temperate bath is a perfect alternative.