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Roads from Gränna

Cycling through the beautiful old landscape on Vättern's eastern slopes is like a conditioner for both soul and bone. This ruote is the very definition of idyllic, with lots of red cottages lining the rolling gravel roads. Of course, there are also some views, or what about a floating lake and "Småland's Tuscany"?

Distance: 52 km
Height difference: 895 height meter (4/5 degree of difficulty)
Surface: Half gravel road and half asphalt. We recommend a bike with tires adapted for dirt road for the greatest enjoyment.

The tour starts at Västanå Castle, the manor from the 16th century, which since 1948 also acts as a hotel. Västanå is a unique place to wake up and start your day, and after a breakfast overlooking the lake you are ready for whatever you take for this day.

It does not take more than a few hundred meters before the round leads you into fine gravel roads in the south direction with Vättern at your side. For a little extra challenge you can after a mile down towards Gunneryd and then come all the way down to Vätterns beach. However, the trip down - believe it or not - means you have to pick yourself up again, the same way you came. It is a nice hill though, no doubt. When you have worked your way up the hill above you have an adorable view of the big lake and can well deserved to stop and catch your breath.


Then follow about 15 kilometers of beautiful roads which eventually lead to a much-needed downhill to Landsjön's beach. On the other side of the lake you pass the coffeshop Gårdsrosteriet and Vista Kulle Fruit cultivation, which is located among the apple trees and vines in this area with a unique combination of culture, soil moons and climate zones. Here you can fill up with coffee, energy and at the same time maybe buy something close to pick. Cyclists drink coffee for free at the Farm Roastery!

If you want an enhanced coffee, you pass just outside Rudenstams, known for its apple juice, which, by one event, also serves high-quality coffee and light food. Alternatively, you can make a detour in Kaxholmen after three miles and stop at Grafitgrå, a café that focuses on serving what is most relevant for the season.

After Kaxholmen carry the road straight up through the fields but have comfort, the view at the top does not go down for the picks. Gestra is called the small village up there and from here you look out over the Landsjön below and with Vättern as background, and understand why it is known as "the floating lake". Now the worst climb is over and you stay up on the hill for a few kilometers before being rewarded with a nice downhill on gravel all the way to Lyckås Gård at the edge of the Landssjön.

After just under four miles a little easier roads are waiting for asphalt and you get a chance to breathe out for a while. Appropriately enough, the charming Flättinge farm café which is open during the summer season is passed, why not enjoy something good in their garden before the last bit is cleared?

The last mile goes on rolling paved roads and you get a pleasant journey all the way to Västanå castle and Gränna golf club again where this round ends. From here, however, it is close to Gränna and the supply there.


Västanå Slott
Gårdsrosteriet Vista
Vistakulle fruktodling
Flättinge gårdscafé

Tourist attractions

Gunneryd (detour at 9km)
Fingalshamn (detour at 9,5km)
Husqvarnas testarea for robotmolawners (Gestra by 31km)