We will guide you to our favorite places

We will do our best to show you all the beautiful places there is to discover and all the things to do and experience in our municipality. You can easily find inspiration and our best destinations during your vacation on our site We also have a bunch of tourist guides and ambassadors available during your stay in Jönköping to make sure you have the best experience possible! They will be located at different places in our municipality and at info points in Jönköping, Gränna and Visingsö.

Info points

You can easily find information at any of our info points in the municipality:

Hamnkiosken Visingsö
Visingsö Hotell & Konferens

Månforsen design

The Match museum
Elite Stora Hotellet
Villa Björkhagen
Grand Hotel
Café Navet
Familjen Ericsson's City hotel

Husqvarna Museum

Opening hours according to the company listed above.

Tourist information

You can also contact us by phone or e-mail at 0771 - 211 300, 10-17 monday-friday,

We hope you have a great stay! Welcome!