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If you mention the word Bratteborg to any dedicated cyclist from Jönköping, the person will certainly get warm emotions flowing up through their body. This is a classic for anyone who likes cycling without too much climb but still on quiet roads. If no one else has any suggestions, the Bratteborg is a "go-to" route that always delivers, here seasoned with an extra nice finish.

About the bike route

Distance: 83 km
Height difference: 806 height meters (2.5/5 working degrees)
Substrate: 100% asphalt. We recommend a bike with lightly rolled tires for the greatest enjoyment.

From the start at the Pier in Jönköping (a natural gathering place for the cyclists of the region), this route takes you south out of the center. Already after five kilometers you leave the urban area behind you as you pass the farms in Bårarp. In the first courtyard on the left is the Chocolate Workshop, which sells both chocolate and other delicacies. It may be too early for a stop already, but otherwise look in here after the ride or another day.

The following mile, you travel through Tabergsdalen and follow nature's paths and then see the top of Taberg appearing in front of you. For those who want an extra challenge, you can make a detour to the top (and well up there is also a cafe). The climb of just over 100 meters above a kilometer is tough, but the view at the top makes it worthwhile.



Now you leave the community of Taberg behind you and enjoy magical roads for a good while. Already, the smile is pasted on the lips, and then the best has not even come! A small segment of road a few hundred meters just as you round Bratteborg's farm, from the 1600s, is usually by the signatory called "Småland's finest road cut". Do you really dare to miss this?

In addition to all this, the round also offers a few kilometers on the old "Riksettan", which is now used very little for car traffic, here one is invited to maybe press a little extra on the pedals. If you are lucky, you can see some of the professional cyclists in the area who are often on this road and training on the tempo cycle.

After six miles you pass Tenhult mill and just outside the community lies Rogberga Hembygdsförening where you can enjoy home baked goods in the garden during the summer months. Then follow rolling small roads to another highlight, the view from Skinnersdal, the small community overlooking Jönköping. From here you can point out where you have been in town and where you are going later in the day.



Since the route does not offer any real lunch places, it is recommended to find something suitable in Jönköping as the end of the round. The pizzas at STUK are top class, the atmosphere at El Duderino as well. Or why not IdleWild down in the Matchstick area, with locally brewed beer on tap? All three are classic notches for the city's cyclists.


Konditori Rosetten
El Duderino

Tourist attractions:

Bratteborgs gård