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Bondberget is a nature reserve, situated between Jönköping and Huskvarna. Södra Vätterleden is one of the hiking trails that pass by here. The reserve´s varied jogging tracks, fantastic views and central location make it a popular destination.

Bondberget, the wooded hill that separates Jönköping from Huskvarna, is a highly appreciated and much frequented open-air recreational area, with forests that are traversed by countless paths and jogging tracks. The jogging tracks are marked, so they are easy to find. From several places you get an exceptional view of the countryside in the Vättern valley. For people interested in birds, Bondberget offers species such as the golden oriole and lesser flycatcher. The area’s many shrubs include bird cherry, hawthorn, hazel, crab apple and juniper. There are groves, precipices and ravines with plants such as moschatel, Belgian gagea, ostrich fern and wood millet.

A good place to start for jogging and outings is Öxnegården, where you can park your car. Next to the grounds there is also an outdoor gym, dog exercise yard and mini golf course. The reserve is a destination for those interested in outdoor activity, regardless of whether they want to have a tough challenge or a nice picnic. Bondberget is suitable for outdoor activities in both summer and winter.