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Biking to Habo church

For a cyclist, five-mile rounds are perhaps the most important to have a handful of in the repertoire. They take around two hours and work both on free weekday evenings or as full grounds without much preparation. The five-miler is as important as the kitchen knife in the kitchen or the thermos on a bandy match. Habo Church is a given destination for trips west of Vättern and this round takes you all the way to the church gate on beautiful country roads.

Distance: 48 km
Height difference: 572 height meters (3.5 / 5 job grade)
Substrate: 100% asphalt. We recommend a bike adapted for asphalt with lightly rolled tires for the greatest enjoyment.

The route leads you through Jönköping and up out of the cave on the winding Åsenvägen, a hill of about 2 kilometers and just over 100 altitude meters that causes the legs to wake up. Already after 4 kilometers you are out is the urban area and soon the Lake Axamos with its associated bathing area, a very popular place when Vättern's water still gives goose bumps on the legs. In the vicinity, at Hallbystugan, several MTB races are arranged and in 2020, an international class competition will be run at the facility.

If you want energy replenishment or just an interesting stop, you can after 18 km make a detour to Sand GC, a very spectacular golf course in the area. The restaurant is run by the gang behind the award-winning pub El Duderino, located down in the eastern part of the center, and they do not disappoint any cyclist.


The roads in the northwest offer rolling nature with magnificent views of arable land and lakes, which you will soon experience. The road takes you, as I said, to Habo Church. Although the wooden church is beautiful on the outside, it is on the inside that it really shows its full splendor with floor-to-ceiling paintings. Adjacent to the church there is also a small cafe for those who have become the figs.

The route continues to meander through the fields and invites small jumps in the pedals both here and there. The road from the church to the Granshult community has the ability to pick the best out of the bones, where it is the cycling joy of the highest class. The round takes you into Jönköping again via the church in Järstorp, to offer a magnificent view of Vättern and the city from just west. Now the legs are probably just fine, but you can breathe out - just roll down the hill and along the Vätterstranden and flip flops are you back at the Pier again. However, a hot day is a very hot tip for jumping in the water away at the Canoe Club, the perfect swimming spot for hot cyclists with a bike burn.


Sand GC
Habo Church

Tourist attractions:

Habo Church