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Äppelrundan all year

Pack your back pockets with energy and a camera. Here you have an adventure at your feet. With dark forests, open views and floating lakes. View of Lake Vättern while you can study Husqvarna's prototype lawnmower. This particular trip we also cycled, together with happy gravel road enthusiasts, the last snowy day of spring. But we are sure that it goes great, maybe almost better, when the sun is shining and the birds are also chirping. But do not be afraid of winter friends. Cycling all year round. It is the best there is.

Distance: 71.6 km
Height difference: 1079 height meters (5/5 degree of difficulty)
Substrate: 80% gravel road, 20% asphalt. We recommend a bike adapted for gravel roads with wider tires for maximum enjoyment

Since this is a round adapted for those of you who are hungry for the hottest of trends in cycling, we do not save on gunpowder but send the first pedal strokes straight south towards the gravel roads that are waiting. After 7km, however, you can stop at Åsens by and study life as it was lived 120 years ago.

The lovely gravel continues for 15km with shorter breaks, but here you come down to the lovely Ramsjön and get to relax a bit with a couple of kilometers of asphalt. Take the opportunity to get some energy in you and recover a little because soon a tough hill will come on gravel. Once at the top, the road becomes smaller and smaller and then abruptly disappears. After 29km taking the route is actually down a small path of 100 meters. Here you are probably forced to lead the bike but do not despair, this little break is for the best of the round. Here is also a wonderful windbreak by the small lake, excellent for a combined break.

You cycle further up to the heights above Lake Vättern and here and there you get to see glimpses of the wonder. At 37km you get the nicest view. With Landsjön as foreground and Vättern as background. Mandatory photo stop. Now you have Kaxholmen below your feet, there is time to replenish energy. For gofika or more food you can turn past Rudenstams at 39.5km. If you want more coffee and cake, Gårdsrosteriet is after 41.5 km a gem well worth a visit, in addition with free coffee for cyclists!

From the coffee there will be some easily rolled asphalt for a while and now we hope you have charged with some energy because there is still 30km of mixed gravel left. However, if the energy runs out at the northern edge of the lake, you can deviate from the round and cut off 10km by driving straight to Skärstad church. (see link to separate GPS file).

The roads take are through countless numbers of farms that all have their unique charm. Maybe it's time to play the Cow game, two people each choose a side of the road and count the number of cows that are passed on "their" side. Horses give minus points. Flock is counted as 10 pcs. The game is over when you pass a church. Most points win.

After 59 km, Flättinge Gårdscafé is passed and another chance for energy replenishment appears. Stop and enjoy or drill down your head and drive on. The choice is entirely yours, but three kilometers away awaits a slightly longer uphill slope which is advantageously taken with a little extra energy in the legs.