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BattleCamp Drättinge

Challenge yourself is what BattleCamp Drättinge is all about. Here you will have the conditions to challenge yourself and others

BattleCamp Drättinge is an adventure park with a variety of activities. This offers an exciting challenge for you or the group with safety in focus. Here you can have a full day full of fun activities especilly for you and your friends. Challenge yourself and your friends in some of the activities available, enjoy good food and end the evening in one of the hot tubs.


The Paintball park is Jönköping's largest with the largest range of different courses. The park has speakers outside that enable the right atmosphere at the "party" Today there are five courses which the game is offered throughout the year. Three of these courses are illuminated and provide the opportunity for play even after dark. The newest course is a game plan for Speedball so competitions can be organized.


Here, five matches are organized where you choose which branches you want to challenge each other in. You can also choose just a few different activities.

Wood-burning hot tubs or outdoor spa

After a fast day, it is relaxing to take a swim in one of the pools available. BattleCamp Drättinge offers the opportunity for a relaxing swim in one of their beautifully located hot tubs or why not rent one of their outdoor spas. Hot tubs are available all year round.

The park has changing rooms with toilets and showers. There is also a restaurant and bar. You can bring your own food for BBQ..