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Hike in Örserum

Just ten minutes from Gränna by car is the idyll Örserum. The name comes from Lake Ören, which with its crystal clear and fish-rich water attracts visitors all year round. The area belongs to the biosphere reserve "Östra Vätterbranterna" and offers everything from meadows to dense coniferous forest.

The 3.8 kilometer long loop alternates beach edges with forest paths and gravel roads and takes you around the whole village before you return to Örserum's church again. In total, there are 16 marked places on the map and at most buildings there is a QR code to scan for those who have a smartphone. Why not end the day with a cooling dip at the municipal bathing spot? For those who have become hungry, there are both Smålandsgården and Örserumsbrunn gestgifveri & konferens, but do not miss to buy with you the famous isterband from Hugo's Chark!

The map can be downloaded as pdf here or in the app "Naturkartan".