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Vätterbrantsleden is a perfect track for biking, located east of Jönköping. The path will lead you through grand monuments as well as beautiful nature.

The trail goes back and forth through Huskvarna up to Uppgränna. Along the way you get to experience a beautiful countryside with outstanding nature experiences. Vätterbrantsleden is not signposted, you therefore follow the map that is on the municipality's infopoints, or download it at the link to the right. With a number of signs, you can take part in a history lesson with the help of several QR codes that connect you to an audio guide. In several places, the Vätterbrantsleden crosses the John Bauerleden hiking trail. Along the trail you can stop and have lunch at one of the barbecue areas or spend the night and continue the next day. These are shared by the hikers who walk the John Bauerleden.

The trail takes you from Huskvarna to Uppgränna through Kaxholmen, Skärstad, Ölmstad and Gränna. Enjoy a pinch of fresh air and beautiful nature!