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There is many ways to see Visingsö. One of the most popular ones is the ‘Visingsötåget’ Visingsötrain.

Take a ride with the charming Visingsötrain (south on Visingsö). The train starts at remmalagsplatten at Visingsö port. The train then goes through the oak-forest (that got planted on Visingsö year 1830 because they needed material to build more ships), through graveyard that has been there since the stone age and then Näs, the islands best view.

The train gose down to Näs so you have the chance to take a quick walk down to the ruin after Visingö tower. Under the early mediaeval Visingsö was the kingdoms centrum, as well as this here at Visingsö and the tower four mediaeval kings has died. The train then drives along the islands west side northerly on it’s way back to the port. On your way back you will see a lot of interesting places like Kungsladugårdarna and Brahekyrkan.

The trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes (including a stop at Näs Borg OR Bengtsgårdens Miniature Farm). You buy your tickets on site, no booking in advance is required.

If you wish to stop at Näs: 195 SEK / adult. 135 SEK / child.
If you wish to stop at Bengtsgården incl. entrance: 245 SEK/adult. 175 SEK/child