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Camping on Visingsö

Imagine falling asleep under the open sky, gazing at the stars, just as Per Brahe's students did in their time from the truncated tower of Kumlaby Church.

Staying more than a day on Visingsö is not difficult, as there is plenty to experience and see. A convenient way to stay is by camping; there is no official camping site on the island, but the right of public access applies, and there are several pleasant spots to pitch a tent. North of Visingsborg Castle ruins, there is a large area known as "hotellplan" with barbecue facilities and space for camping.

There are also extensive oak forests where you can find good camping spots. It's important not to camp near cultural heritage sites such as Näs ruins and Visingsborg, as different rules apply due to their protected status. Read more here.

You can also camp at Visingsö Ställplatser, with the requirement that you are over 25 years old. Book your spot here: