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Visiting Visingsö

Visingsö this fairy tale island is well worth a visit for both the historically interested, family of children and the curious. Here's a little to know before you head over.

To get to Visingsö you have to take the ferry leaving from Gränna. You will find the small town of Gränna on the south-eastern edge of Vättern. The proximity to the E4 makes it easy to get to Gränna. Once in Gränna you take Brahegatan, which is the main street in Gränna and which is bordered by most peppermint rock bakeries. Turn off to the left where the sign says Visingsö and you have a fantastic view of Vättern and in the distance you can also see Visingsö.


The car can sometimes be good to take with you, but usually it is better to park it in the mainland port. On the way down to Gränna harbor you will find two large car parks one on the right and one on the left side. It goes well with which, both cost money, you see the current tariff when you arrive. You can also park for a whole day here. If you are traveling on a coach you can stand on the left side, here are instructed spots for buses also these for a fee.

The ferry

When you have parked the car it is only a short walk down to where the ferry depot, here you buy your ticket in the small hatch at the port office and then just wait for the ferry to arrive. The ferry runs during peak season about once every half hour on a timetable. The journey over takes about 25 min and the route is operated by two ferries, Braheborg and Ebba Brahe.


If you choose to take the car with you over to Visingsö, it is good to pre-book it at the port office, their phone number is +46 (0)36-10 37 70. Pre-booked vehicles go in a special queue, you pay in queue, one of the ferry company's staff comes out and it goes good to pay with card or cash. If you have not booked before, there is a special queue for the "unbooked vehicle". Here, too, the ferry crew comes out and charges you if you can go with the ferry otherwise you just have to wait for the next turn.

Return trip

After a wonderful day on Visingsö, it's time to go home again. If you have a car with you again, just wait and then get on the ferry when the staff says. If you have a car, choose the right file. Booked or not booked vehicles. If you have booked your return journey and want to change your booking, you can only do so at the port office in Gränna, +46 (0)36-10 37 70.