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Ella's Gränna tips

Hey! My name is Ella and I am 13 years old. I have lived in Gränna for about 10 years and I am going to tell you about a couple of my favorite places here in Gränna!

Gelato Factory

First of all, you just have to eat at the Gelato Factory, this is no tip, it's a must! The Gelato Factory is an ice cream bar located in the square that sells ice cream or "gelato" as it is called, but you can also have lunch or have a coffee here. You can sit both inside and outside and if you choose the patio you sit on a patio with a flowering tree in the middle. So beautiful! Gelato Factory has won both bronze and silver in the Swedish Ice Cream Championships 2017 with its flavors Raspberry sorbet and Chocolate ice cream, but all flavors are delicious. My personal favorite is the Raspberry Sorbet and most of my buddies agree with it! But as I said, all the flavors are really super good!

Now that you have finished at the Gelato Factory, we can start!

Tip 1: Grenna Museum

First I advise you to take a trip to the Grenna Museum where you show the Polar expedition with various things from the expedition and texts that both children and adults can understand and learn from. Outside, the (plastic) polar bears are "Ice and Frost", which are usually popular with children who want to "clap" and ride. There will be fun selfies! I myself like the Grenna Museum because I am interested in history but even uninterested can think it is fun there!

Tip 2: Uppgrenna Naturhus

If you like to take nice pictures, if you enjoy a calm and relaxed environment and just want it cozy, you should take a swing to Uppgrenna Naturhus which is like a greenhouse where you can snack, relax and especially instagram! In the café, with a beautiful view of Vättern, you can buy organic and good coffee, some of the ingredients are grown in the house!

Tip 3: Now we come to my personal favorite, Röttle!

In Röttle nature reserve there are like little hidden bays out to Vättern which are super cozy for example a family outing, most people actually like it! The bays are hidden so you have to find your own little beach before you can settle down with a good hot chocolate and camera in hand!

Tip 4: Grännaberget

If you come to Gränna to relax a bit, you would probably appreciate a quiet walk on the mountain with nice scenery and beautiful views of Gränna. There are many small paths that lead through the forest with lots of blueberries growing on the edges that you may want to taste?

Tip 5: Gränna hamn

Now towards the end of the day you may want to eat some good, then I advise you to go down to Gränna Hamn where there are plenty of restaurants to eat at. You can choose between vegetarian, pizza, burgers, Asian, fish and meat, there is something to suit everyone. Perhaps the safest is to buy something with you and sit on the beach and watch as the sun sets over Visingsö.

Hope you have a good day in #grännainmyheart!