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The City of DreamHack

Worlds largest digital festival in Jönköping

Jönköping - The City of DreamHack

It all started in a school cafeteria in Malung 1994, a LAN event with approximately 30 participants. Few would ever think that this event would grow to be the largest computer festival in the world with a multi-million international online audience and a fair with 20 000 visitors. Twice a year, DreamHack returns to Jönköping with its iconic competitions, festival and community at Elmia. This is where the world champions in e-sports and cosplay gather along with long-distance team players and people that are passionate about e-sports. Welcome to the city of DreamHack!

28th November to 1th of December

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Transform into your favorite character

DreamHack Winter

The world largest computer LAN party.

Nov. 26, 2020, Elmia

Peter, Bruno & Matilda

(almost) Unplugged

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Gammeljul i Smedbyn

Magical Christmas atmosphere