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Sands Golf club

Sand Golf Club is ranked one of the world's 100 best golf courses and ranked No. 2 in the Nordic countries according to Rolex World's Top 1000 Golf Courses. Sand is an 18 hole golf course located outside of Bankeryd. Sand Golf Course is unique as it is an inland lane course with dunes and deep bunkers with the best ingredients from Scotland and Ireland. It will be a landscape of peaks and valleys that challenge the player.

The course

The course is built with a modern construction technology that produces top quality finishes from early spring to late autumn. The player is offered an exciting challenge with spectacular courses and fast greens. The course has 138 bunkers, of which several depths, and also a spectacular volcanic bunker that travels over the landscape. A number of larger ponds and waste areas surround the path. The course layout is unique to the country. Each hole has five distinctly separated tees, which allows you to play the course in completely different ways with different strategies.

Attentive course

Sand Golf Club has received a lot of attention in golf magazines both nationally and internationally. Already one year after the opening, the course was ranked 82 among the best courses in the world by American Golf Digest. After that, the course has been ranked 2nd in the Nordic countries and 79 in Europe. In addition to the golf course, Sand Golf Club also has a hotel, conference, shop and restaurant with catering where everything is of high quality and fresh. You can read more about Sand Golf Club Hotels here.

Sand Golf Club is a part of GolfUnlimited. Read more about GolfUnlimited here.