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Komosse is sometimes called the southern Sweden's wilderness. Here you can wander the a five-kilometer hiking trail and enjoy the unique animal and plant life.

The bog is divided into a southern and a northern part of the road between Mulseryd and Köttbulla. There are vast open bog plane with sloping, curved or flat bogs, swamp forests, rich and poor marshes, streams, features and ponds. Komosse have large differences in height compared to other bogs. Between the bog's highest and lowest point it is about 30 meters. At the highest, the bog reaches 348 m above sea level, which is three meters higher than Småland Taberg.

The variation in humidity, altitude and nutritional richness makes the vegetation very varied. Here are a varying and interesting mix of eastern, western, northern and southern plants. In wetter parts are for example myrlilja, dystarr, vitag and cotton grass are growing.

In more nutrient-rich parts, snip and lapel flower are growing. In the drier parts grows heather, marsh tea and rice along with bell heather, rosemary and lichens. In the wooded parts of the bog dominates low pines. Within Komosse diverse environments many wetland birds are presented, both as temporary visitors and nesting. Besides the area's character species, golden plover and meadow pipit, crates also sandpiper, ruff, whimbrel and Crane on Komosse.